Lover please, do not fall to your knees

It's not like I believe in everlasting love

23 January 1986
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Madame Deficit

Lauren, aka Moppet, 26 years old with an M.A. English Literature, working towards a Masters in Victorian Literature. Part-time museum/gallery assistant. Engaged to bobcatgoldfish

Bisexual Athiest Hufflepuff Slytherin (according to Pottermore) Aquarius pescetarian. Easily excitable with a penchant for the dramatic and a passion for fashion. Always pink. Desperately in love. Forever changing her mind.

Dreams of lecturing in Victorian Literature, starting a family, writing a novel and having a wardrobe the size of your house. Worries about everything far too much.
Betsey Johnson. Hello Kitty. The colour pink. Tutus. Platforms. Skirts and dresses. The fifties. The eighties. The nineties. Piercings and tattoos. Alice in Wonderland. Labyrinth. Marie Antoinette. ESotSM. Black Swan. Inception. Goldfrapp. Kylie. Robyn. Placebo. Hole. Tori Amos. No Doubt. Garbage. David Bowie. Cupcakes. Big bows. Red wine. Gin. Boyfriend's sexy arse. Kittens. Oscar Wilde. Charlotte Brönte. Virginia Woolf. Angela Carter. Roald Dahl. Marilyn Monroe, above all others. Dita Von Teese. Bettie Page. Maggie Gyllenhaal. Sofia Coppola. Cyndi Lauper. Anne Boleyn. Katherine of Aragon. Marie Antoinette. Glee. HIMYM. Firefly. Buffy. Layout and profile by minty_peach, mood theme by pwnquin

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